Zwartbles Sheep

Zwartbles Sheep - The Redgate Pedigree Flock

2007 ewe lambs enjoying November sunshine

Thank you for visiting the website of the Redgate Zwartbles flock. We keep a flock of approximately 40 purebred zwartbles breeding ewes on our small low input grassland hill farm in the stunning south Shropshire/Welsh borders, in a less favoured area at 1100ft above sea level. We started our flock with a small number of ewes in 2004, increasing our flock in 2005 with purchases from a range of flocks including Mendip, Castel Howell (including imported ewes),  Berrington, Woodside, Hollystone, and have since added ewes from Bobet, Bunshill, Cynefin and Brace flocks. The senior ram used in the flock was kevin, a Barmoll bred ram, and we have retained some of his stock and those of his son and grandson, later purchases included rams from the following flocks, Oaktree, Beech Hay, Beeston and Bobet. More recently we have used tups from the following flocks, Eildon Hill,  Knowbury, Pistyll ( 2014 Carlisle supreme breed champion), Cynefin (2015 Welshpool male and reserve breed champion) and Dashwood (2014 Welshpool male and reserve breed champion) We also use several of our homebred rams within the flock very successfully. We have sold ewes and tups to commercial flocks, small pedigree flocks, dairy flocks, including export to Italy,  as well as show flocks and pet homes(due to their wonderful friendly temperaments), we aim to be able to offer a good range of hardy sound correct stock for purchase from the farm and occassionally from breed sales.

Our flock is fully MV accreditated and Heptavac P+ vaccinated for buyer assurance. 

 If you would like more details or to arrange to view our stock please ring 01547 510263 or email


Shearling Redgate ewe zwartbles breed champion Minsterley Show 2011.

We have been pleased to have received considerable interest in breeding tup lambs over the few years, rams going to both pedigree and commercial as well as ecport use to produce breeding ewes. 

We wish all our buyers success and enjoyment with their Redgate sheep.

FLEECES for spinning and felting, we have some shearling 2016 fleeces  for sale,  see fleece page if you would like to try out this  versatile fleece which is both easy to spin and as a bonus is also an excellent fleece for feltmaking too.  Please contact us if you would like to order a lambskin, they really do make beautiful rugs, with their large size being an additional bonus to the lovely colour, if we have orders early we can select the best pelts for tanning, the skins to be ready later in the year.

Half lamb, butchered, bagged and freezer ready - we are currently taking reservations for half /whole butchered lamb/hogget now (Oct 2016) . Please contact us if you would like to order,  local delivery or collect from Butchers in Knighton or Bishops Castle Pughs will butcher to your requirements, or meet up locally possible when the lamb is ready. A half lamb carcase is from 12kg upwards.  You will need to allow at least one freezer draw in an upright freezer. Excellent texture, sweetness and flavour whilst being a leaner meat than most lamb, we recieve many complimentary comments from customers about the meat. Price  75 half lamb.


Here is a useful link to a range of tasty sounding lamb recipes - ideal for people who have purchased half a lamb as it includes recipes for all the cuts

Contact details

01547 510263             email

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