Zwartbles Sheep

Zwartbles Sheep - The Redgate Pedigree Flock

This year our lambing has produced 27 purebred ewe lambs and 25 purebred males, we have also had 3 crossbred ewe lambs, giving people the chance to see how the breed crosses. 

Lambing started in the freezing cold temperatures at the beginning of February, with the majority of ewes lambing during February and a just a few later arrivals in March. The ewe lambs are pedigree registered and ram lambs are eligible for registration at cost if required.

All ewe lambs have received two does of Heptavac P and have been vaccinated against BTV8 - our flock is fully MV accreditated.

update December 09 All our purebred and crossbred ewe and ram lambs offered this year are now sold. All our ewes have now been scanned with lambing due to start early February. We anticipate having  a good number of lambs offered for sale next year, as well as some 5 or 6  shearling ewes from this years lamb crop. Please check back in the New Year when pictures of our 2010 crop will be added.

A selection of our 2009 lamb crop is pictured below, as well as the shearling ewes sold from last years crop.

If you would like more information or to arrange to view our stock please call 01547 510263 or email

Redgate Gracie  1st prize Any other shortwool breed ewe lamb class and reserve 'breed' champion at Kington Show

177R 24/2/09 triplet ewe lamb

150R ewe lamb (2nd in from right side)  4th place ewe lamb class Burwarton show   SOLD

Oaktree Norman x Redgate ewe

R152 twin 7/2/09 - Redgate tup  x Mendip ewe. SOLD



184R Oaktree Norman x Redgate bred ewe (first crop) twin 24/2/09 (pic taken at approx 3-4months) - reared as a twin this lamb has been our fastest weight gaining lamb at 4 months (on milk/grass and minimal creep), he has good length. SOLD

Our lambs have not received heavy supplementary feeding - they are out grazing on low input environmentally sensitive area LFA hill grassland and receive a small amount of creep feed daily to bring them up for checking, and ram mineral supplement is offered (extra creep fed for the last 3-4 weeks to lambs we are finishing) - they will continue to grow for sometime into good strong working rams (our older homebred rams can be seen). We have sold several homebred rams for commercial breeding use, where they are successfully used to produce a crossbred breeding ewe, as well as to pedigree flocks.


Our 2009 purebred ewe lambs are now all sold. 

189R Redgate ram x Redgate ewe 26/2/09 SOLD

Cross bred ewe lambs - very easy keepers make good breeding ewes - we have a couple of  crossbred ewe lambs offered .  The ewe with white markings is 3/4 bred zwartbles (SOLD)and the solid coloured ewe is 1/2 bred zwartbles out of texel/mule ewe. SOLD

Shearling ewe, out of Mendip ewe by Redgate ram     SOLD


some of our triplet lambs 5-6 weeks old enjoying the sun and some fuss!

6week old lambs triplets and twins - 2 ewe lambs on left 177R and 185R(sold) far right ram lamb 184R

147R (sold) and 148R (sold)twin ewe lambs 2 months old

194R(retaining) ewe lamb 2 weeks old  and 174R ram lamb (for sale) 6weeks old

149R (4 months)ewe lamb by Norman being retained

143R ewe lamb 4months sold

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