Zwartbles Sheep

Zwartbles Sheep - The Redgate Pedigree Flock

Our 2010 lambing started at the beginning of February during a very hard winter for our ewes at 1100ft and finished in the middle of March, with one late arrival in May. We have had a total of 69 (just under 200%) purebred lambs born, 32 ewe lambs, as well as  6 crossbred lambs to 3 ewes, 3 of which are ewe lambs.

The lambs are on the heptavac P+ vaccination programme and have received their first 2 doses.                                                                                                                     2011 lambing is now underway and we will be starting a new page with details of this years lamb crop shortly. The majority of the lambs are naturally very tame and friendly, although not cade lambs, they just seem to like people!

The flock is fully MV accreditated for buyer assurance.

Details of ram lambs offered have been added to a seperate page -

Delivery may be possible depending on distance/location.

If you would like to arrange to view please contact us on 01547 510263 (please leave a message and we will get back to you - mobile reception is very poor here so we use the landline!) or email

Redgate Ram lambs at Burwarton show Aug 2010 - Redgate Salix, 252-022S right, SOLD - others also available - see ram lamb page for details

Natasha with ram lamb Redgate Swallow ready for young handler class at Minsterley Show for which she braved the pouring rain - too wet to get pictures of her winning the class of some 15 entrants - Well Done Natasha and Swallow, not bad for a first attempt at showing!

Team Natasha and Swallow again acheived success in a strong Young Handlers class at Kington Show, winning 2nd place against tough competition, all children being interviewed about their sheep- Well done again!

3 ewe lambs, retained - 2 lambs on the outside are by Beech Hay Black Route, 2nd in from left by Redgate tup out of Mendip ewe, 2nd from right is a ram lamb born mid May 2010, taken at 3 months, by Redgate tup out of Imported ewe.

Redgate Tina 22/3/10 twin ewe lamb out of Redgate ewe x Redgate ram. Retained

Also shown at Kington show and gave the judge a difficult decision determining whether to award 2nd place to her or R. Gem

3 black/brown zwartbles crossbred ewe lambs   Sold

The 2 browner lambs are out of a texel/mule x ewe and the blacker lamb is out of a previous zwartbles x ewe from the same ewe so is 3/4 zwartbles, unusually for a 3/4 bred she has no white markings. The crossbred ewes are a little smaller than the purebred ewes, they make good breeding ewes and are easy keepers. These 3 ewe lambs are now being run with a Zwartbles tup for late April/early May lambs in 2011, some of the progeny should show the Zwartbles markings.


020S 7/2/10 twin ewe lamb out of Redgate ewe by Redgate tup (Berrington bred).     Sold

054S 8/3/10 triplet ewe lamb out of Mendip ewe by Redgate ram. SOLD

015S twin ewe lamb 3/2/10 out of Redgate ewe (Woodside bred) by Beech Hay Black Route.  SOLD


026S 12/2/10 twin ewe lamb  out of imported ewe (Castel Howell) by Redgate tup.    SOLD

056S 9/3/10 twin ewe lamb out of Redgate ewe hogg (Bobet bred) by Redgate tup. Her twin sister has been sold as well as the other 2 ewe lambs out of hoggs and we are retaining this lamb.

We put 5 of our larger ewe lambs with a tup last year and they all lambed as hoggs successfully and very easily, although the twin offspring struggle a little more as a ewe hogg does not produce the same quantity of milk as a more mature ewe, we therefore ensure plenty of creep feed is available and wean earlier.

Redgate Gem twin ewe lamb 7/2/10  out of Berrington ewe x Redgate Rowan.

2nd place at Kington Show 11/9/10 in a large class 'any other shortwool breed' to RWAS winning lamb






twin ewe lamb 3 1/2 months out of Redgate ewe x Beech Hay Black Route  SOLD


Twin ram lamb at 3 months old - weighed at 40kg



ewe lamb 9 weeks, by Oaktree Norman x Redgate ewe 001S  SOLD

SOLD Ewe lamb, 3 weeks, out of Redgate ewe hogg ( we successfully put 5 well grown ewe lambs to the tup last year to lamb as hoggs this year) by Redgate tup 063S

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