Zwartbles Sheep

Zwartbles Sheep - The Redgate Pedigree Flock


We are pleased to be able to offer high quality fleece for sale

Beautiful soft springy fleece that is a rich black/deep chocolate brown colour with lightly sun bleached/weathered tips there is a beautiful crimp in the fleece. General technical information given on the Zwartbles fleece is that it 'shades from black to brown along an ideal well-crimped staple which ranges from approx 2 - 4inches, Bradford count of 55-56 (27 microns)' .

This is a lovely wool to handle and the last person who came to the farm to buy a fleece from us was so impressed with it she took away 5 whole fleeces for hand spinning! The sheep are professionally shorn and the fleece contains natural lanolin, being unwashed. This wool is also ideal for felting.

The sheep have not been dipped, fly treatment only being used after shearing to ensure the well being of the flock, so minimal contaminant will be present in this fleece, although being unprocessed there will be some natural vegetation material present. The flock are mainly grass kept and spring watered on our small hill farm, except during lambing when they are kept in. They are kept with high standards of care and welfare and this reflects in the quality of the fleece.


 2015  Price list for raw fleece

Whole fleece - average weight around 3.5kg - 4.5kg  12.00 (8.00 garden quality)+ 6.00 p&p UK royal mail delivery


1kg bag of fleece 6.00 + 2.80

500g bag of fleece 3.50 + 2.80 p&p in UK

(less 50p a bag for garden quality fleece)

You are very welcome to arange to select and collect fleece if you live locally


We are now also offering small quantities of washed fleece, any fleece send abroad will need to be scoured 

200g bag of washed fleece 6.95 including postage in the UK

400g bag of washed fleece 9.50 inc postage in the UK

for non UK destinations please enquire, there will generally be export regulations to follow and you should enquire with your country's appropriate government authority regarding import regulations, unfortunately in some cases the cost of meeting the regulations is too high to be economic to purchase small quantities of fleece from the UK.




Comments from previous sales of our fleece

'***Quality soft fleece**Excellent service***Will do again***Thank You!***'

'great fleece. many thanks'

'Nice healthy fleece, thanks.'

'Gorgeous fleece, very clean and a great colour. I will be back for more.'

'Lovely product, excellent service. Thank you very much.*********************


'wonderful service-lovely product-thankyou very much.I will be back*******








The Zwartbles fleece is also excellent for garden use too being brown in colour - use as an attractive liner for hanging baskets where its moisture retentive properties can be made use of and insulation properties help protect plant roots.  Can also be used to line planters and in the garden to suppress weeds.    Prices as above, please contact us if you would be interested in a larger quanitity of fleeces and discounts.   




 We have been very pleased with the initial lambskins we have had tanned, the large purebred skins producing lovely rugs with the attractive bleached tips to the wool retained.  Zwartbles lambs are bid hence so are the lambskins! If you would like to order a 2011 lambskin for tanning please contact us in good time to reserve, we need to know by August as from September there is some moulting and they will then be unsuitable to produce good quality lambskins.

Prices will be from 70 for organically tanned lambskins depending on size. The organically tanned lambskins have no unsafe chemicals added.



Purebred lambskin


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