Zwartbles Sheep

Zwartbles Sheep - The Redgate Pedigree Flock

We also keep a small number of  horses,  purebreds arabians, 1 partbred and pedigree New Forest youngsters.  Kalli is currently offered to the right home as a broodmare/companion or to be brought on for riding. 

Againzt All Odds purebred by Sambist . He was purchased to be my 100mile endurance horse but things didn't quite go to plan!


Cwrytai Kalfaria FOR SALE

 Crwytai Kalfaria (Kheiralla X Salabella - her last foal) on left,  14.3hh 12yr old purebred arab mare, with excellent performance bloodlines, both racing and endurance. Kalli could also be considered for sale to the right home only, she would make an ideal broodmare, having foaled easily and been an excellent mum to Belle. Kalli has been very lightly backed aged 5 but not ridden on, she does have a leg blemish from an old injury, however she has never shown any lameness from this over the 8 years owned, or any other health problems at all, mainly living out 24/7.



Belle Ameera - purebred arab filly born end July 2006 - she was a surprise arrival to Redgate being out of a young mare purchased 'empty'. However I could not have wished for a nicer surprise, she is by a super Rusleem stallion, Madryn Tsuleem, who has done well in both inhand and ridden show classes out of Crwytai Kalfaria (chestnut mare in the next picture).  Kalli has top performance bloodlines, her halfbrother on the sire side Kayeed held the record for the fastest horse to win the 25mile Arab Horse Marathon, her dam is also dam to Shah Shadow.

Belle has gone to a lovely new home where she will be a pleasure and endurance horse.

Belle with her dam, Kalli

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